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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you offering to me in this Mega Marketplace?

Ok, let’s make this totally clear for you. This is not a usual website. We’ve established a Digital Store and an e-Learning Platform under the same roof, and we’ve made them both accessible under a simple, very affordable Membership. 

What's included on the Digital Store?

Our Digital Store includes 600 downloadable products on different categories and niches. You can find eBooks with Resell Rights, Video Courses with Resell Rights, Audio Courses and Music with Resell Rights, and also you can find WP Themes, WP Plugins and HTML Templates with Personal Usage Rights.

What's included on the e-Learning Platform?

Our e-Learning Platform includes 250 Video Courses in 6 major niches. Nothing to install, nothing to upload or download. After you purchase your Membership, you will get instant access and start learning.  2750+ on demand video lessons waiting for you in your Membership area.

Can you explain a little bit more the licence types for the digital products?

The license depends on the product’s type. When you buy an eBook, a Video Course, an Audio Course or a Music Track you get a Resell Right (RR) license for this product. That means that you can sell the product to others and make money. When you buy a WP Theme, a WP Plugin or an HTML Template you get Personal Usage Rights license which means that you cannot sell this product to others in any way, and you can only use it on your personal or commercials projects.

How many times I can sell a product with Resell Rights?

When you download a product with Resell Rights from our Digital Store, you have the right to sell it to others as many times as you can (sky is the limit). 

What is the price I can resell the products with Resell Rights?

Good news!!! There is no limit on the price you can resell the products with Resell Rights. You decide how much money you want to make, and that’s all. Sell them for as low or as high as you want!

Do you provide any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! You can buy any of our Memberships today, and you can start studying the courses or using and reselling the products from our Digital Store for 30 days. If for any reason within the first 30 days of your purchase you decide that the Membership is not for you, just contact us through the live chat or send us a message at, and we will refund you every penny of your investment. So go ahead and join us today, the risk is on us!

Do you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ above?

Or any technical issues with your account? Send us a message here: